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    Beautifully Scripted Book Release

    Friday, December 11, 2020


    Guess what!? I just released my new book, Beautifully Scripted! I am SO EXCITED! God led me to write this book about singleness, and I am trusting He will use it for His glory. It all started several years ago when I found myself needing encouragement in my singleness journey. All the books I found were either written by a married man about the theology of singleness, written by a married woman who had already found her special someone, or was solely focused on finding the right man. All of these books have a place and are good. However, I longed for a book written by a single woman who wasn't on "the other side" but was right in this season with me. So God called me to be that person.

    Beautifully Scripted is written to encourage women currently in the season of singleness: how to find your identity in Christ and not in your relationship status, how to have FUN, wisdom for dating, practical advice, and much more. (If you are married, there is a chapter dedicated to how to encourage the single women in your life. Also, it helps you understand the struggles of this season that many of your friends might find themselves in.)

    Here is the description on the back:

    I knew what my life was going to look like. It felt like reading from a script. Everyone around me whispered the lines for the next scene. There was safety and surety. I loved knowing what was to happen next. However, the day came when it seemed as though my life had “gone off script.” Wasn’t marriage supposed to follow college? Where was the man I was supposed to meet? I had always been told it would happen. But instead of entering a marriage scene, I found myself feeling misplaced in a scene of singleness. Being single was never what I wanted. Do I have the right script?

    It took years to realize that my script — though different than I imagined — was written just for me. I have a grand part to play. When I started to listen to the Script Writer for my lines and direction, I began to understand that He gave me a part in a story greater than I could ever have dreamed.

    Maybe you have felt or currently feel the same way — confused, overlooked, bitter, discontent — because singleness was not the part you wanted. The truth is that the Author of your script lovingly penned this part for you. Your life is Beautifully Scripted by His hand. The question is — are you ready to accept this role and gracefully live out your season of singleness?

    Beautifully Scripted is now available on Amazon for $12.99 on paperback or $9.99 on Kindle. You can order a copy here. When you get a copy, please share what you are learning! Tag me on Facebook, on Instagram at @singledoutforhim, or shoot me an email at I'd love to hear how God has used Beautifully Scripted to encourage you. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

    You are seen. You are cared for. You are loved.

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