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    A High Calling

    Monday, July 6, 2020

    “You’re going to be a mighty woman of God.”

    I have been pondering this topic of calling since a recent conversation with a dear friend. She comes from a large family and has always been told since she was a little girl what a good mom she would be. Now, at 32, she is struggling with infertility and feeling like a failure since she isn’t living up to her “calling”. She is realizing the lies she has believed and thought her whole life. “If God isn’t giving me what I had been told was right and good - what I have been wanting since I was little - then what’s the point of life? Am I lesser? Am I forgotten?”

    Then one day, she came across a book on her bookshelf entitled, “A Full Quiver: Family Planning and the Lordship of Christ.” She looked at the title with tears in her eyes, laughed sadly to herself, and threw it in the trash. She is thankful for God’s work in her life, despite all the pain, in showing her the lies that seemingly directed her path for many years. This “calling” had become a type of bondage in her life. She was no longer able to enjoy the holy callings she had in her life at the moment - loving her husband, faithfully serving her church, encouraging her friends, and wholeheartedly doing her job. Truly though, she has been living out a heavenly calling of being a great woman of God. But an earthly calling that was spoken over her has had a hold on her life. And maybe it does for you too?

    I remember times growing up when I would be fun or funny and I would be told, “You are going to be such a fun wife.” When I showed compassion to others, I was told that I would make a great mom. Will I be a mom one day? I really hope so. Will I be a fun wife? I desire to be. But if I let these sayings take hold of me, I can allow them to become an idol and then possibly miss out on my heavenly calling.

    It’s time to instill a high calling in one another. Let’s start speaking bold claims over the future generation. We need to begin praying heavenly things for each other - things we can live out despite the season.

    When I see compassion in my niece as she grows up, I can encourage her to use it to help the widows and the orphans. When I see boldness in my friend, I can call her to use it to proclaim the Gospel. When I see hospitality in my mom, I can encourage her to continue to faithfully use her gifts to edify the Body.

    Let’s call each other to Kingdom work. Let’s look at our nieces, our friends, our sisters, our mothers, and say, “You are called to a holy calling of loving and knowing Christ.” This is a calling that can be lived out no matter the season we find ourselves in.

    (To clarify, being a wife is a holy calling. It shows a picture of Christ and the Church. Being a parent is a holy calling. It shows the love of a Father to us as His children. Being single is also a holy calling. We have sole devotion to the things of the Lord. But labeled callings can often distract us from our main calling - and that is to know God and to glorify Him forever. Also - let’s remember the sincerity and love that were rooted in many of the things said over us. We can extend grace, but let’s be instruments of change for the next generation.)

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