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    Rethinking Sexuality Book Review

    Tuesday, May 12, 2020

    “Sexual issues are ultimately spiritual issues . . . When the body of Christ is not willing to engage in these conversations, we allow the Enemy to build strongholds in people’s lives. Their most private temptations, struggles, pain, disappointments, and shame represent their doubts about, resentment toward, and mistrust of the character of God.” Rethinking Sexuality by Dr. Juli Slattery

    For some reason, the church seems to be silent on the topic of sex while the culture around us is shouting about it. The silence of the church can lead to feelings of shame about struggles, misunderstandings of desires and how to fulfill them, or lies that sex is dirty and gross. But truly, sex is part of God’s good creation and we as Christians should not shy from talking about it because sex displays His desire to know and love His people. 

    Sex was free from guilt and shame before the Fall. Adam and Eve “were both naked and were not ashamed” (Genesis 2:25). But sin entered the world and the fig leaves of shame created doubts of God and His goodness and - can how He designed things really be trusted? Satan has been distorting sex ever since. Why wouldn’t he? Slattery says, “God intentionally created our sexuality to tell the story of His covenant love . . . We will never grasp the spiritual significance of sexuality until we understand its link to covenant love.” Satan wants to ruin anything that portrays the love God has for His people. 

    Dr. Juli Slattery’s book Rethinking Sexuality leaves you with a greater understanding of God’s design for sex and a deeper love for Him. Slattery writes on hard topics and talks through difficult questions. Why would God give us sexual desires as singles and not allow us to fulfill them? How can I, created as a sexual being, be obedient to God in singleness? What do I do with unfulfilled desires? Above all, she reveals the goodness and love of our Creator. This would be a great book study to do with friends. There are some great questions in the back to get the discussion going. Don’t avoid talking about the good things that God has created!

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