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    Be Still and Know

    Wednesday, April 1, 2020

    The fear has been there all along.

    Fear of the future, the what ifs, the what if nots - they have all been lingering under the surfaces of our hearts like lava ready to erupt. Busyness, like the earth's crust, has been concealing the fear. Sometimes we feel the heat of it. But most of the time we choose to ignore the warning signs of the hot lava beneath our feet and beneath our hearts. 
    But now the fear is erupting. The circumstances are just right. Busyness is being stripped away, distractions are being removed, and the fear is burning on our hearts and in our minds. God said, “Be still and know that I am God.” Being still is not a habit of mine, not a habit of ours. Being still reveals what is truly going on and causes us to face who God is; that stillness becomes a call to action, a call to live differently. 

    Now we are being forced to be still. The busy life we once knew - outings with friends, gym classes, coffee dates, traveling - has ceased. And God is asking - “Will you know that I am God?”

    So that is the question I must ask myself. “Will I know that He is God?” This God - who sent His precious Son to die for me, who purposed my days before time began, who is kind, who walks beside me in the valley of death, who promises to return for His bride with holy vengeance and jealous fury - is asking you to trust Him. He is asking you to lay your fears at His feet. He is asking you to know and believe that He is God. Will you?

    The fear has been there all along. But so has God. and His perfect love casts out fear. Trust Him today, friend.

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