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    You Don't Want to Follow This Blog

    Tuesday, March 17, 2020

    You don’t want to follow this blog. 

    To be honest, I don’t want to write for this blog. 

    I mean, for most of you, you’re not thinking “Yeah! Singleness! Woohoo!” When God called me to write this blog, I definitely didn’t have the praise hands up. I was praying and fasting for direction after a heart break and God spoke so clearly, in an almost audible way to my heart, “I’m not done with your singleness.” 

    WHAT?! Like I thought He was going to say, “Thank you for waiting. I’m bringing your husband soon.” But instead He only confirmed that my season of waiting was to be continued. 

    Let me tell you friends, just like many of you, I don’t want to be here in this season. I wish God called me to a blog on marriage, motherhood, working out, or posting cute outfits. But God HAS called me here. And here I am. And here I will rejoice and be thankful for where I am. (All praise to Jesus working in me.)

    Can you raise a hallelujah right where you are? Or are you going to grumble and complain and resent God? (While this isn’t a beauty account, here is a beauty tip: no Mary Kay or Estée Lauder can fix the ugliness of a complaining heart.)

    You don’t want to be here in this season. That’s ok. Tell God how you feel. Say it out loud. Ask for Him to give you what you long for. Pray for it. But today, you are where you are. So praise God and give thanks. Raise a hallelujah because, for today, God’s not done with your singleness.

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