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    Create in Me a Clean Heart

    Tuesday, March 24, 2020

    “What is your heart saying to you?”

    My friend asked me this last week. She asked me to write down what the enemy whispered to my heart. You know how it is. Over the years, the lies build up like plaque in the soul. Heartbreak. Rejection. Not being noticed. Feeling forgotten. 

    She challenged me - “Speak the lies out loud; tell God how you feel and what your heart has been saying.” So I grabbed a pen and wrote them down. 

    It was ugly. 

    As I finished writing them down, the Spirit nudged my heart: “These are not thoughts a daughter of the King should ever think.” 

    I FaceTimed my friend and we searched scripture for the Truth that counteracts each lie. Then we prayed. 

    It was beautiful. 

    The uprooting process of lies has begun. It’s an ongoing process, this practice of weeding. But now I’m planting. I’m planting seeds of Truth. And I’m so excited for the harvest to come, to reap what I’m sowing. Because this heart of mine is going to become a garden of Truth from the Father.

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