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    Book Review: 31 Prayers for My Future Husband

    Thursday, June 27, 2019

    I will admit: this book creates controversy in my soul. I am not promised by God that I will be married, so am I wasting my prayers? I really can’t know this. Does this create longings in my soul that will be unsatisfied? If I allow it. Am I creating an “ideal man” in my mind that will never be attained by a mere mortal? The truth is, no man - except Jesus - will perfectly live up to the prayers that I am praying.  

    As I wrestled through whether or not to buy this (I bought it when there was no boyfriend in sight), I decided to at least give it a shot. I am so glad I did. As I am praying for areas in my future husband’s life (currently I am praying these prayers specific to the man I am dating since we are dating with the intention of marriage), I am seeing areas that need to be prayed over in my own life. I am praying for the protection of his mind, but what am I doing to protect my own mind? How can I be praying for him to stay out of debt when I keep spending outside of my clothing boundaries for the month? I ask God to help him resist temptation, but am I actively saying no to the fiery darts in my own life?

    Yes, this book has pushed me to pray more faithfully for my future husband. Even more so though, it has pushed me to examine my life and pray for these areas in my own walk - not for the purpose of becoming more godly in order for a man to want to marry me but so that I will ultimately glorify God and reflect Jesus Christ. 

    Set up like a prayer journal, 31 Prayers for My Future Husband has thirty-one different areas (from health to heart to humility) to pray over. Each area starts with a written out prayer and then includes two blank pages for you to write your own personalized prayer. What I did was look up verses that dealt with, say purity, and then I wove them into my prayers so that it was saturated with Truth and purpose. Now, I pray for these areas in my future husband’s life - if it is the Lord’s will - and in my own life.

    Singled Out for Him Sister Nancy: Lessons from Singleness

    Thursday, June 13, 2019

    Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and read about Singled Out sister, Nancy, and what God taught her during her season of singleness.

    We women love, love, love to make plans. And for most of us, getting married at some point in our twenties, or early thirties, is a part of that.  But what happens when, despite our best intentions, God doesn’t give us what we want? What do we do then? 

    I don’t mind telling you my struggle with this and about the times loneliness took over.  I wanted to be married. Many days I was angry because I couldn’t have what I wanted. One year after another passed by and being alone felt painful.  Women around me were getting married . . . why couldn’t I have what they had? So, I rushed things by going on dates, doing my part, making myself desirable and pushing the idea of marriage.  After all – it’s what I wanted. Looking back at all the blind dates, internet rendezvous and relationships doomed from the start – it was such a waste of time.
    Please don’t mistake me.  I’m not saying “don’t internet date” or not date at all.  But if you know in your heart God is going to bring that special ‘one’ - meant just for you - why bother with running ahead of God? Going where He tells you to go is always the best thing. Even if it means waiting. So what do you tell your heart in the season of being alone when what you want most is to be married?   

    Here are three ways you can make the most of your singleness:

    1) The most important thing you can do is - give it to God.  He hears you.  From one sister to another . . . the times I felt the most content was when I leaned fully on Him.  It was a significant learning experience. Trusting God helped shape me. And when I chose to give my loneliness to Him and the hurt of feeling like I wasn’t accepted in certain social circles, He always met me where I was at.  He met me with love; He saw my tears and comforted me.

    2) Another solution that really helped my loneliness was deepening my relationships with other sisters - women who were also single.  One of my most special relationships has been with a dear sister who loves God and has been single for thirty years.  She’s still waiting for her husband faithfully!

    3) Last but not least - I highly recommend having fun! Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do! Travel. Take a course.  Develop yourself by figuring out your own interests . . . and trust in the One who made you.  

    You won’t be sorry because sixteen years after figuring this all out, my husband did come along, and He was so worth the wait. God is so good! Do you believe you are worth the wait?

    Nancy loves home decor, a good antique find, and the joy of the little things. She is a lover of Jesus and wildly in love with her husband. She is a firm believer that life can be both beautiful and hard at the same time. Nancy has been through a lot in this life, and she can say confidently there is always hope and freedom on the other side. As a recovering CEO and single mom for 16 years, she is now mom and stepmom to 9 wild ones. Formerly an Executive Coach, Nancy found a desire to coach other women into the freedom and strength that has all along existed inside of them. You can follow along with her here:

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