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    Thursday, May 16, 2019

    Commitment. This is a HUGE struggle among millennials (of which group I am a part of). We are flaky. When the going gets tough, we get going. If we don’t FEEL like it, we don’t DO it. So what’s the big deal about commitment? Is it just important in a relationship?

    “Commitment shows signs of your maturity in God, but it also shows signs of your maturity in your preparation for marriage. The number one challenge in your marriage is your ability to commit. Before you commit to a spouse, you should be committing to friends, to yourself, to church, to God. If you’re having a hard time committing to God who is perfect, who is never going to hurt you, who is never going to fail you, who is never going to throw a shoe at you when He’s mad, how will you ever be able to commit to someone who is imperfect?” - Jamal Miller in an episode of The Heart of Dating

    Let’s look at commitment in our own lives first. Can you commit to a weekly Bible study? Attending church each week? Your time with God in the morning? A consistent workout routine and healthy eating? A job that can be frustrating? A friend who is going through a tough time? Demanding family members? What happens when you’re tired, busy, unmotivated, or distracted? These areas in your life can show signs of your maturity in God and also in your preparation for marriage.

    One of the biggest complaints among single women today is frustration in men not committing. I believe the enemy is attacking commitment BEFORE marriage and commitment AFTER marriage. So look at the man you are considering dating. How is commitment in his life? Dating can reveal your weaknesses in a convicting and challenging way. In my life, I’m very committed to working out and my time with the Lord; he is challenged by this. In my boyfriend’s life, he is very dedicated to his friends (he’ll drop anything to help them out) and to talking through his thoughts and struggles with a mentor. I see his maturity and it challenges me to be more like Christ in those areas and vice versa.

    If you’re praying for God to bring you a godly man or are frustrated with the lack of commitment in guys you know, ask yourself - how am I practicing maturity in commitment in all areas of MY life? Perhaps you are ready to commit to a relationship but you struggle committing to healthy eating choices or attending church regularly. Ask God to help grow you in mature commitment in ALL areas of your life. And look for a godly man who is maturing in his dedication as well.

    What areas do you struggle committing to?

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