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    Tips on Traveling with Friends

    Thursday, April 4, 2019

    I love traveling. It rejuvenates my spirit. I have a travel fund in my monthly budget so I can plan to get away often. If you love to travel too, don't put your life on hold waiting for a husband to travel with. Now is the time to go!

    While I don't mind flying by myself to visit friends in other cities and countries, I feel much more comfortable and safe traveling with a friend when visiting a new place. However, it can definitely be hard to find a good travel companion. You can be best friends with someone and then find traveling together to be very frustrating. Thankfully, I have found a very good friend, Elizabeth, to travel with. I want to share with you some things that have helped make our trips successful.

    Some things to talk about before going on a trip with someone:

    1. What are your expectations for this trip? What do you envision? (Does she like to do the same things as you? Is she thinking a fast-paced trip or a relaxing get-away? Maybe she pictures laying on the beach all day while you want to ride bikes and go snorkeling.)

    2. How much money are you wanting to spend? This is very important. Money can be a source of contention and can separate friends. My friend and I always consult each other before we purchase any kind of ticket or reservations. 

    3. What is your non-negotiable? What is that one thing you have to do? My friend Meghan gives this advice and I love it! When Elizabeth and I went to Seattle, her non-negotiable was hiking Mt. Rainier while mine was going whale watching. We made sure that both of those things happened.

    4. Communication is key! Say it. Talk about it. Be open and honest. Be sensitive to their thoughts and opinions.

    Once you have your travel companion and your location, now it's time to PLAN! Elizabeth and I get together and list out all the things we want to do. Then we start doing our research. How much time does this activity take? Where is it located in regards to where we will be? How much does it cost? What are people saying on TripAdvisor? Google docs is our go-to for shared planning. We hyperlink websites, add maps, list the itinerary, etc. Envision what each day will look like. Allow extra time for little hiccups that might occur along the way.


    - Food: Need a grocery store stop? Should you bring breakfast to-go items? Coffee? Snacks? What types of food do you both want if you go out?

    - Transportation: Lyft/Uber, public transportation, walking

    - Places to stay: I use rewards for free hotel stays and we also do AirBnBs.

    - Clothing: What is the weather going to be like? Are you doing any fancy dinners? What will you need for your various activities?

    - Assign responsibilities based on your individual strengths: Elizabeth is good at figuring out transportation and researching cute restaurants. My strengths are booking lodging, navigating airports, and ensuring we are properly caffeinated.

    Find yourself a good travel companion and enjoy experiencing a new city together. Bon Voyage!

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